They’re part of me!

My professional life really changed
when I first used my Kepler Kompakt 5.7x

I used to work with a 4.5x prismatic loupe with 350 mm as working distance, and my back was always in pain. When they told me that my ideal working distance was 460 mm, I was really afraid because the difference was so high. So, I was really happy when I discovered that the Kepler Kompakt gives you the chance to adjust the distance, and I was able to gradually bring it to my ideal level.

The depth of field is very high and the brightness amazing. The combination with the LED light source (Focus 6000K with Xtend battery) is perfect. As a bonus, loupes and LED light together are still very lightweight ... sometimes you actually forget you’re wearing them!

So, the products are amazing, but in Italy we’re very lucky, because we also have the best possible after-sales assistance!

I suggested ExamVision to all my colleagues, and I’ll keep doing it.

Giulio Pavolucci, Dentist
Montepulciano, Italy

Facebook, Giulio Pavolucci

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