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"In the 35 years I’ve been wearing loupes, the Kepler Advanced from ExamVision are by far and away the most amazing loupes I’ve ever owned. I’ve tried all the major players and brands, including Orascoptic, Designs for Vision, and Surgitel at both low and high magnifications. My previous loupes used to give me headaches from the tight nose bridge and how snug I needed to keep the head strap to keep them from shifting.

The Kepler Advanced are extremely light and well-balanced, only weighing 75,5 grams. The Kepler nose position is very comfortable and the ergonomic angle helps my neck stay comfortable as well, even after hours of surgery and long reconstructions. The temple tips of the frames are easily adjustable to get a stable and predictable fit and you almost don’t need the head strap to keep them snug. If you take the time to custom contour them, you won’t need to cinch up the head strap.

High end and extremely meticulous dentistry require attention to detail and excellent and comfortable magnification. In particular, superb cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry require the ability to see, refine and polish at a high magnification. I used to change loupes from a low mag to a higher one depending on the procedure. Now I can wear the same super lightweight loupes all day with the ability to change mags with just a click – incredible! Whether I’m doing an exam or fine polishing a tiny composite margin, the Keplers adjust to my needs for any given procedure. The clarity of the optical field is phenomenal and it is extremely large, even on 6.4x magnification. At that magnification, I like to adjust the fine focus and you can see almost an entire arch with perfect clarity. The Kepler Advanced at 6.4x mag are like wearing a super lightweight microscope, but with a much wider field of view.

The headlight is super lightweight being crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and the cable is secure and simple to change. The light produces a very defined and uniform focal spot. The battery life lasts well beyond a full day of procedures, sometimes two days.

Synca has always been a great company to work with and Robert Beauchamp is incredibly responsive, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. In these days of huge impersonal dental companies,  Synca, and Robert in particular, go above and beyond to provide that extra personal service. Their products are terrific and their service matches as well.

On a scale of 1-10 I'd give the ExamVision Kepler Advanced a 20. The overall quality and features of the Kepler loupes are astounding and if you want the best available loupes on the market you MUST buy a pair of these."


Dr Michael Morgan
Cosmetic dentist, author and lecturer on cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and anxiety-free dentistry.
Hiindsdale, IL USA

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