Extraordinary performance

At ExamVision we combine the rich heritage of Danish design with a commitment both to aesthetics and functionality.
We come from Samsø, a tiny Danish island which is known worldwide for its renewable energy. The peace and natural beauty of Samsø affords us the perfect environment in which to think big, work hard and pay meticulous attention to every single detail.
This is our DNA and clearly shines through in everything we say and do!

Our essence

ExamVision loupes are custom-crafted by hand and made to measure at our Danish headquarters using only the finest-quality components and materials.

They are completely precision-fitted by a highly trained network of optical professionals in more than 45 countries around the world. This ensures a perfect, hyper-personalised fit, providing excellent vision and optimal ergonomic working posture, resulting in greater work satisfaction, comfort and performance.

ExamVision loupes have been awarded the Red Dot Award for Product Design on five occasions, and the Danish Gazelle Award for business achievement four times. 

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is clear and ambitious.

‘Our Vision is to provide the brightest solutions in personalised magnification.
We aim to be perceived as the most desirable brand, trusted by dental and medical professionals worldwide’.

In brief: the world’s best personalised, tailored and custom-crafted loupe!

Also, our Mission aims for the stars.

‘Our mission is to supply cutting-edge products and service concepts, offering exceptional well-being and comfort to ExamVision users.
We will strive to create added value and differentiate ourselves through innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, creating and sharing valuable content, seamless distribution and exceptional after sales service with a personal touch’.

A seamless cradle to cradle value chain, supported by a skilled and well-performing network of dealers – and a high-performing team of experts in ExamVision Headquarters on Samsø, Denmark.

This is our promise to all our stakeholders.

We are decent and honest.
We inspire and motivate.
We are committed and deliver.

This is the kind of company we want to be. That is what we strive for every single day.

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Red Dot
Design Awards

The internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award dates back to 1955. It has been established worldwide as one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design. The award breaks down into three competitions: the Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. The award-winning designs are exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museums.


We are proud of being awarded with one of the world's most prestigious design awards

  • 2024

    The groundbreaking Kepler Reflekt has been awarded with a Red Dot Design Award, mainly due to its innovative design and construction compared to classic reflective ergo loupes. The unique design of Kepler Reflekt ensures a free and unblocked peripheral vision above the oculars, enabling the user to see the patient, assistant, tools etc. without having to remove the loupes.

    This unique design feature – combined with a slender black loupe housing made from durable magnesium and titanium – ensures a lightweight, yet high-performing loupe solution for users who favors the benefits of a reflective ergo loupe. And was the main reason for another Red Dot Design Award.

  • 2019

    The fourth Red Dot award for ExamVision – this time for Kepler Advanced! Being the world’s first loupe with four magnifications in one, Kepler Advanced sets new standards for excellent optics, functionality and good ergonomics. The user can easily switch between the four magnifications ranging from 3.6x to 6.4x. Combined with a lightweight frame and loupes manufactured from titanium and carbon fibre composite, it is the ultimate versatile all-day wear tool, weighing from only 75 grams.

  • 2014

    Our Kepler Kompakt loupe has won the third Red Dot Design Award. The jury noted that "This loupe design successfully combines excellent optical qualities with a slim, elegant frame design." And the feedback from our customers justifies the award. Since the launch of Kepler Kompakt in 2013, we have gained many happy customers who have switched from long prismatic loupes to the Kepler Kompakt, and now work every day in comfort.

  • 2012

    For the second time, an ExamVision product has been awarded the Red Dot for excellent product design. Our Sports frame has won the coveted 2012 product design award. We are of course absolutely thrilled and very proud of this award and thankful to Red Dot for acknowledging the work we do here in Denmark on innovative loupe design.

  • 2010

    With its outstanding and innovative design, the ExamVision HD TTL 2.3 loupe impressed the jury in one of the world’s most prestigious international design competitions. In the Red Dot award: product design 2010 category, the HD TTL 2.3 was awarded the “red dot” quality label for high-quality design by an expert jury.

Børsen Gazelle

Award winner in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2014
The Danish financial newspaper, Børsen, compiles a list each year of registered companies in Denmark. Their results are analysed, and the prestigious Gazelle Award is given to companies with a turnover of at least 1 million DKK, and growth over the previous four years of over 100%.

Børsen Gazelle (IN DANISH)
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Medical devices manufactured by ExamVision meet the requirements

ExamVision has achieved the global quality certification of our Quality Management System according to EN ISO 13485:2016.

EN ISO 13485:2016 certification warrants that the internationally agreed-upon set of standard quality requirements is met. Specifically designed for companies involved in the design, production, installation, servicing, and manufacturing of medical devices.

This quality standard confirms that ExamVision is able to comply with requirements and regulations demonstrating that end-users and patients may confirm their quality expectations for the features and performance marketed for the individual products.

Obtaining the globally recognised ISO standard certification for medical devices is an important milestone for ExamVision.

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Our expertise. Your gain.

Our team of optometrists and highly trained specialists will work closely with you to select the perfect loupe solution tailored exactly to you. They will listen to your most pressing needs and offer you an ideal solution, making sure that your loupes are uniquely fitted to you and that they facilitate a superior ergonomic position. Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive complimentary advice and guidance on vision, optics, protection and ergonomics at your ExamVision dealer.

Your benefits
All our products are the result of a perfect synergy between technology and handcraft. We produce and assemble each loupe based on individual measurements. They then undergo a rigorous quality control process before leaving the factory. For you, that means:

  • Excellent vision and precision
    Our optics help you achieve the crystal clear image you need for high-quality, precision work.
  • Work satisfaction
    Achieved through better treatment results, faster work and happier, well-treated patients.
  • Peace of mind
    With up to five year warranty on our loupes, with unrivalled dealer service support.
  • Longer working life
    An improved ergonomic position via customised loupes is proven to avoid musculoskeletal problems.
  • Style and functionality
    Four-times winner of the international product design award - Red Dot Design Award. This means style and great, Danish design for you.
  • Customised solution
    Our specialists in optics and ergonomics ensure a solution tailored entirely to you.

ExamVision Denmark

At ExamVision Denmark we are more than 60 employees working in Administration and Manufacturing.
Meet some of us here.

CEO/Chief Executive Officer, Optometrist

Kristian S. Jensen

Senior Executive Officer, Head of R&D

Kim Jensen

CBDO/Chief Business Development Officer

Tamsin Fabricius

COO/Chief Operating Officer

Bo Skelkær Hermansen

CIO/Chief Information Officer

Jacob Mohr Nielsen

CMO/Chief Marketing Officer

Per Eggen

CFO/Chief Financial Officer

Henrik Ostenfeldt

CCO/Chief Commercial Officer

Bitten Stender Ridley

Project Manager

Mike Bracegirdle

Legal Advisor

Ole Anker Aagaard

Area Sales Manager

Lars Bo Larsen

Sales Manager Sweden

Conny Johansson

Product Manager

Kristian Gitter

HR Coordinator

Rikke Aurø

Accounting Assistant

Betina Bach Kristensen

Senior Customer Service Coordinator

Marianne M. Poulsen

Customer Care Coordinator

Bonnie Schmotz

Technical Sales Manager

Søren Elkjær

Senior Optometrist Manager

Isabel Teixeira

Optical Specialist

Charlotte Hald

Light Service Coordinator

Jamil Ahmad Mamo

Sourcing & Logistics Manager

Lars Bro Zachariassen

Production Manager

Majbritt Kjær

LEAN & Quality Manager

Anna Nilsson

Head of Digital Marketing

Louise Holst Knudsen

Art Director, EV Design, Website

Beatriz Farfán

Global Marketing Project Manager

Alexandra Elmquist

ExamVision Germany

ExamVision in Hamburg

We have established an ExamVision-operated office and showroom in Hamburg. Here you can meet our Manager & Optometrist, Regina Galling and our Sales & Marketing Support, Paula Procak.
Please, feel free to get in touch and get to receive competent advice and guidance on tailor-made ExamVision loupes and lights, to meet your exact needs.

Manager & Optometrist

Regina Galling

Sales and Marketing Manager

Paula Procak

Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive advice and guidance from your local ExamVision dealer.

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