ExamVision provides a range of products which complement and complete your loupes. Our specialists in optics and ergonomics ensure a solution tailored entirely to you.

Loupe Accessories

The ExamVision range of loupe and light accessories adds unique design features and functionality to your loupes.

Visionshield MAX
Protective screen, full-face visor in XXL

The new Visionshield MAX is made from a non-splintering, flexible plastic film which can be easily cleaned, disinfected and reused.

The full-face visor is easily attached to and fits on any ExamVision loupe as part of your new work routine. 

Check out the exact size of each Visionshield version

ACCE Vision shield MAX2

Visionshield L & XL
Protective screen, full-face in two sizes

Protects the loupes and your face from splashes and dirt. Easily attached to ExamVision loupes using a velcro adapter. Size L fits Galilei loupes and size XL fits Kepler loupes.

These versions have a cut out in the visor for a head lamp.

Check out the exact size of each Visionshield version

ACCE Vision Shields 02


Almost invisible, featherlight side-shields protect the eyes from splashes and debris. Disposable, in packs of three pairs.

ACCE Side Shields 01 (1)

ExamVision Custom Cleaning Solution

Our custom cleaning solution will keep your loupes in perfect condition. Use a small amount on a microfibre lens cloth to safely remove dirt, dust and grease.

ACCE Spray 01

ExamVision Disinfectant Wipes

Our disinfectant wipes will keep your loupes in perfect condition. These disposable cleaning wipes are a quick and easy way to safely remove dirt, dust and grease. 

ACCE Wipes 01

Temple tip extender

Ensure the loupe glasses stay in place and don't glide.

ACCE Extenders 01

Coloured temple tips

Non-latex anti-allergy temple tips for personalization and a comfortable fit. Available in a large number of colours.

Accesories Current Colour Temples Tips

Neck cord

Delicate yet durable cord for extra security when wearing the loupes. *Included in the price when purchasing ExamVision loupes.

ACCE Cord 01

Nose pads

Non-latex nose pads, available in clear silicone.

ACCE Nosepad 01


If total customisation is not enough, why not add a diamond? A 0.02 carat (1.7mm) diamond nestling in a sterling silver stud, handmade by a Danish jewellery designer to enhance your beautiful Icon frame. Rubies and sapphires are also available. We perfect it. You personalise it.

ACCE Jewels 03

Black loupe case

Strong and lightweight. A durable loupe case that protects your loupe with sturdy metal, while maintaining a light carry-weight that makes them easy to transport. 

ACCE Black Cases 01

Loupe Case

Elegant, durable protection for your loupe and accessories at work or in transit. 2 versions: loupe only and loupe+light.

ACCE Metal Case 02

Lights Accessories

ExamVision provides a range of products which complement and complete your light.

PowerBand Control Unit

The PowerBand control unit allows you to control your ExamVision light through the touch-free motion sensor on the neck band while maintaining a sterile working environment. ExamVision PowerBand also has a power button-operated control option if this is your preference. The ultralight and well-balanced neck- worn control unit is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery giving you between 12 and 24 hours of operating time depending on the chosen light intensity (high, medium, and low settings).

ExamVision PowerBand can be used with existing Focus™ Bright/True light and Essential Nano light.

Accessories Powerband

Focus™ Xtend Control Unit

The Focus™ Xtend control unit is operated by pressing the front panel. This innovative and useful feature will help you to maintain a sterile environment. A short press will activate the unit, and further clicks will cycle the unit through low, medium and high settings (hands-free). The working time of your battery varies with light intensity. The lowest setting gives up to 24 hours of continuous use, and the highest approximately 6 hours.

LIGHTS Xtend Unit 02

Curing filter

Fits LED lights to prevent curing of composites.

ACCE Curing 01

Connect system

Slides smoothly on and off, and maintains the light in a stable manner. Can be locked into position.

ACCE Connect 01

Cable clip and cable adapters

Cable cord clip holder for the temples and clothing clips holder, to keep the cord in place. 

ACCE Clips 01

Belt clip

Belt clip, with ratchet rotation feature.

ACCE Bellclip 01


Can be combined with all light sources.

ACCE Headband 01 (1)

Universal clip-on with connect

Universal attachment system for use with ordinary glasses or loupes from other manufacturers. Also compatible with the ExamVision loupe range.

ACCE Uni Clip 01

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