Total Pure & Total Intense

The Total LED light system is vital to achieving perfect vision. Slim and lightweight with a perfect light spot.

Easy on the eye: no hot-spot, no glare
Covers the whole range of Lux-demands

We care for your eyes

In all ExamVision Total LED lights, we use "natural white" (≤5,000 to ≤6,500 Kelvin) LEDs for the most natural lighting possible. When considering LEDs with higher Kelvin (more blue light) than the ExamVision Total range, remember that this means consequently higher lux (or foot candles), but it also means more unnatural light, eye strain – and risk of retinal damage.

Female surgeon wearing loupes with surgical headlight attached Total LED

Covers the whole range of Lux-demands

The Total LED light system enhances visual comfort. It provides a perfect, round light spot of 70 mm at a distance of 35 cm. 

Total LED is available in two colour temperatures, Total Pure (5,000 K) & Total Intense LED (6,500 K).

Furthermore, the Total Pure LED has a CRI >90, which gives you perfect colour rendering. 

Female dentist wearing loupes with dental headlight Total attached

Total Intense

  • Bright, natural white ≤6,500 Kelvin
  • Light intensity min. 25,700 lux at 35 cm
  • Light spot, 70 mm at 35 cm
  • Brightness settings go in high, medium and low
  • Lamp weight only 18 g
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Total Pure

  • Bright, natural white ≤5,000 Kelvin
  • CRI above 90
  • Light intensity min. 11,700 lux at 35 cm
  • Light spot, 70 mm at 35 cm
  • Brightness settings go in high, medium and low
  • Lamp weight only 18 g
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PowerGo Control Unit

ExamVision’s unique PowerGo control unit is operated easily by pressing the front panel, with your hand or forearm. A short press will activate the unit, and further clicks will cycle the unit through high, medium and low settings. PowerGo weighs only 155 g and provides a minimum of six hours at high intensity.

Flicker-free video 
Artificial lighting appears continuous to our eyes, but it illuminates using high-frequency pulses of light. Flickering occurs on video when the frame rate captures different levels of light. ExamVision lights have been engineered to keep the level of illumination constant, so the end result will always be clear, flicker-free video.

PowerGo Control Unit

Total LED Connect system

The lamp slides smoothly on and off, yet maintains the light in a stable manner. The light can be adjusted easily, both horizontally and vertically allowing you to adapt it to any working position.

A new addition to the Total LED is the coaxial connector. This allows for steeper angles, which is necessary with our Kepler Reflekt and can also be a helpful addition to reduce shadowing when working with Galilean or Kepler direct vision loupes, as the light beam can align exactly with the line of sight.   

Total LED Connect system

Operational video for PowerGo

The PowerGo is our sleek, durable control unit, easily connected to your Total LED and operated by pressing the front panel, with your hand or forearm in order to control brightness settings and turn the light on or off. The Pocket Stabiliser can be easily mounted to keep the control panel accessible in your coat pockets. 

Watch the video for full instructions on how to operate your Total LED.

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