Essential One

Essential One is the wireless LED light system from ExamVision. Powered by a lightweight frame-mounted battery, it has a single touch system that allows you to change the light intensity from low to high. Essential One delivers natural white light exactly where you need it and gives you the ultimate freedom of movement.

Wireless with featherlight batteries

Affordable, light, stylish

A new Essential generation is born!

Affordable, light, stylish

Wireless and lightweight

A wireless, lightweight LED, very easy to operate and to use. For users who love the freedom of a wireless light, mounted on the loupe.

  • Wireless, no cable
  • Featherlight batteries
  • One-touch control system
  • Natural, white light
wireless LED light Essential One attached to loupes

Super lightweight

  • Natural white light ≤5,750 Kelvin
  • Light intensity 14,000 lux at 35 cm
  • Light spot, 65 mm at 35 cm
  • Brightness settings go in high and low
  • Lamp weight only 7 g, battery 16 g
  • Up to 2 hours operating time per battery (3 batteries included)
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Essential One Charger

  • 3 batteries included
  • Charging time approx. 1.5 hours
  • Connection system, only for Essential One
  • Curing filter included



LIGHTS One Charger


  • Essential One
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