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Dental procedures require precision. It requires great vision and optimal eyesight. Dentistry loupes for dentists and others in the dental profession will help you achieve this, and adding dental loupes to your work routine will allow you to perform professionally without compromising on your own body and working environment.

Red Dot Award for Kepler Reflekt

Unmatched peripheral vision and ergonomics awarded with a Red Dot Design Award 2024.

Red Dot Award for Kepler Reflekt

Customised dental loupes

The most frequent reason for dentists and other dental professionals leaving their job prematurely is pain and injury caused by bad working environment. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way. The solution is optical. 

Dental examinations and procedures require precision, and your eyes are your primary instrument. Therefore, many dentists and dental specialists tend to crouch over the patient to be close enough to see their work. With magnifying dental loupes, you are able to see your precision work from a good and upright working position. A position that spares your body and secures a better, ergonomic, working posture. 

All dental loupes from ExamVision are designed by optometrists and customised to the individual dentist, oral surgeon and other dental specialists. Each solution is based on individual eyesight, need for magnification as well as physical working environment such as distance and tools and facilities available in the dental clinic. 

Improve your working environment with dental loupes 
One of the main benefits of working with dental magnifying glasses designed for dentists and dental specialists is an immediate improvement in working posture. Without dental loupes, dentists and dental professionals tend to work in crouched, uncomfortable positions that lead to chronic pains in the neck and lower part of back. 

By including dentistry loupes for dental procedures in your toolbox, your working environment will improve significantly – in the short as well as in the long term. 

Customised dental magnification loupes for individual needs 
Our team of optometrists and highly trained specialists can help you get the right level of magnification for your dental loupes. Based on your requirements and our expertise, we will guide you and customise the best dental loupe solution for you – a solution that is uniquely fitted for your eyes while facilitating a superior ergonomic position. 

To support you and your working day in the best possible way, we offer Monofocal carrier lenses, as well as Multifocal carrier lenses (also known as varifocal or progressive lenses). It is also possible to customise the lenses in the dental loupe oculars to match your prescription. Learn more about our optical solutions 

No matter the prescription, we only use the best lenses and optics available. This include coatings to protect against harmful UV-light, to reduce reflections and make the lenses resistant to scratches and smudges. You can see more about the measurements taken to protect your eyes here. 

Dental loupe magnification for dental precision 
A crucial prerequisite for performing modern dental procedure and operation techniques is vision. Of course, eyesight and age are important elements in this – but having the right optical solution, using prescription in both carrier lenses and loupe oculars is vital in order to have a clear vision. 

Having the proper level of magnification will help you perform better in all dental examinations and procedures whether you're a dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist or other dental specialist. Therefore, we will always examine your vision and physical working environment before designing your dental loupes. However, in general we recommend these magnifications for dental precision: 

  • Lower loupe magnifications from 2.3x to 3.3x are often sufficient for general dentistry, diagnostics, extractions, implants, orthodontics etc. Hygienists working with dental hygiene procedures or dental students rarely need magnifications above 3.3x in their loupes. This is partly due to the fact, that most of these are under the age of 40.  
  • Higher loupe magnifications from 3.5x to 6.4x are often suited for precision crown and bridge, composites and aesthetics, periodontal surgery, final margin verifications, complicated endodontics such as accessory canals, complicated diagnostics including horizontal and vertical fractures and similar procedures.  

All in all, we offer a range of 14 magnifications within five dental loupe systems. See our wide range of magnifications here. 

Ergonomic guidance for dentists and other dental specialists working with loupes
Part of our service, when you order a dental loupe solution with us, is an examination of your ergonomic working environment. Our team of experts will guide you in all aspects of ergonomics to optimise your physical working environment for you and your colleagues while finding the best loupe solution for you, whether you work as a dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist or other dental specialistAmong other elements, our focus is on your working position and working distance with the proper adjustment of your dental chair – to support your neck and back – but also your eyesight. We also look into the possibilities to place tools and equipment smarter, sufficient and good lightning as well as examine the options for protection of your eyesight from harmful UV and blue-violet light. Further, we will also look into optimising your working position by placing your patients in a different way. 

Prolonged periods of working in static postures will cause significant pains and injuries. Thereforeour team of experts will also give you and your colleagues advice and guidance on how to change your working positions on a regular basis and provide you with stretching exercises. 

Not only will this focus on work-life ergonomics help you achieve better treatment results, faster procedures, happy well-treated patients – it will also ensure a safe and sound working environment and improve your work satisfaction – and you will feel the difference in the short as well as in the long term. 

Age affects your eyesight 
People under 40 years of age very often have close to perfect eyesight, and the eyes are able to adjust to changes quite quickly. Therefore, people within this age-range will have a large depth of field and will rarely need dental loupes with more than 3.0x magnification. If the eyesight is not flawless, both carriers and oculars can be customised with the right prescriptions in order to compensate. 

Turning 40, the eyesight will gradually be weakened. To be able to perform dental examinations and procedures, you will need an optical loupe solution to compensate and continue to work with precision. Our magnifying loupes will enforce your actual eyesight but can also be altered to continuous changes in your eyesight. This is very important when choosing the best dental loupe solution for a long career as a dentist or other specialist in dentistry.

No matter your age and prescription, all our dental loupes are designed by optometrists, produced in Denmark and fitted to individual needs and practices by local optical professionals across the world. 

Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive advice and guidance from your local ExamVision dealer.

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