Good ergonomics are a crucial prerequisite for a long, enjoyable and healthy working life.

We believe that magnification and ergonomics go hand in hand

ExamVision Ergoposter
  • Use Magnification

    Loupes help improve your work position significantly. Longer working distances place greater demand on your vision. Loupes offer the solution.

  • Good ergonomics are essential for a long, enjoyable, healthy working life.

    Get qualified ergonomics advice. With your ExamVision loupes, you also receive a free session with your specialist dealer. During this session, your dealer offers you ergonomics advice to help you work in a way that promotes physical wellbeing and good posture.  

  • Do stretching exercises regularly

    Prolonged periods in static postures cause significant microtraumas. Scheduling regular breaks and stretching can put you on the path towards a longer and healthier career.

The most essential ergonomic factors when purchasing loupes

Dentists and medical specialists generally purchase magnifying loupes for two reasons: to enhance visual acuity and treatment quality and to improve working posture and comfort. There are three essential, ergonomic factors to consider when looking for the right loupe:

Working distance

Working distance

It´s the distance from the eyes to the work area. The right working distance is very important to avoid crouched, uncomfortable positions that will lead to chronic lower back and neck pain. A discrepancy of just a couple of cm can have a significant impact on comfort and health. When purchasing ExamVision loupes the working distance will always be individually measured.

Declination angle

Declination angle

It´s the angle that your eyes are inclined downward toward the work area. This angle should be steep enough to help you attain a comfortable working position with minimal forward head posture (20° or less). The farther the head is positioned forward to see through the loupes, the greater the strain on the neck. The correct angle is individual, as it depends on the face, frame, nose bridge height and other variables. Your ExamVision dealer always measures the declination angle individually.

Prisma Lens System for extra declination

Prisma Lens System™ for extra declination

The Prisma Lens System™ allows you to sit up straighter and achieve a better working posture by making the focus of your vision appear higher than it really is. Prisma Lens system™ is optional. We can build it into your loupes at your request. It works by making light bend so that you can work in an upright position.

Frame size

Frame size

All ExamVision frames are designed for loupes and made to fit all kinds of facial shapes (narrow, broad and Asian). This means that the scope can be placed low to achieve the correct angle and the correct, individual pupil distance.

It's time to take
a break!

Long periods of static posture can cause pain all manner of health-related issues. Committing to regular breaks and stretching exercises is health-beneficial and only takes a minute or two at a time. Moreover, regular breaks are proven to contribute to greater focus and productivity. 

Download our ergo-poster to help you have a healthier posture. 

ERGO Break 01

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