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Red Dot Award for Kepler Reflekt

Unmatched peripheral vision and ergonomics awarded with a Red Dot Design Award 2024.

Red Dot Award for Kepler Reflekt

Customised loupe solutions

ExamVision specialises in magnification optics and optical solutions, and we are proud to offer the most customisable loupes on the market, built from only the finest components. All of our products are the result of a perfect synergy between technology and handcraft. At ExamVision we provide loupes for dentists, surgeons, students, hygienists, veterinarians, jewellers and other professionals who can benefit from the superior depth of field, field of view and magnification that our loupes have to offer.  

The award-winning design of our loupes allows the frame to balance with the magnifying loupes in place, so it feels like you are only wearing ordinary glasses. Yet our high-end optics will help you to see incredible detail, and our unique lens system allows true colour transmission. When choosing ExamVision as your magnification loupe supplier you are sure to receive some of the very best loupes for dentists, surgeons, hygienist, students and others on the market. Read more about our loupe testimonials 

When considering how to choose the best dental or medical loupe for your area of expertise, it’s important that you get the right guidance on magnification, optics, fitting and ergonomics. Our team of optometrists and highly trained specialists will work closely with you to select the best optical loupe solution whether you're a dentist, surgeon, or something entirely different. They will listen to your most pressing needs for magnification and offer you an ideal solution, tailored exactly to you and making sure that your loupes facilitate a superior ergonomic position uniquely fitted to you. Measured at your convenience by your local ExamVision specialist, your magnifying loupes are then made to measure in Denmark – supervised by optometrists.

ExamVision produces and assembles each loupe based on individual measurements taking into consideration your height, working distance, facial features, and prescription. Before leaving our factory and being finally fitted by your local dealer, the loupes will undergo a rigorous quality control. Learn more about our optical loupe solutions

Magnification and ergonomics go hand in hand 
One of the main benefits of working with magnification is an immediate improvement in posture. Without magnifying loupes, users tend to work in crouched, uncomfortable positions that will lead to chronic lower back/neck pain, eye strain and stress-induced headaches. Loupes will help you achieve a better posture allowing you to perform professionally without compromising on your own body and work environment.  

Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive complimentary advice and guidance on magnification, vision, optics, protection and ergonomics at your ExamVision dealer. 

Ergonomic guidance
Part of our service, when you order a loupe solution with us, is an examination of your ergonomic work environment. Our team of experts will guide you in all aspects of ergonomics to optimise your physical working facilities for you and your colleagues. Among other elements, our focus is on your working position and working distance with the proper adjustment of your work tools and furniture but also your eyesight. We also look into the possibilities to place tools and equipment smarter, add sufficient and good lightning as well as examine the options for protection of your eyesight from harmful UV and blue-violet light.  

Prolonged periods of working in static postures will cause significant pains and injuries. Therefore, our team of experts will also give you and your colleagues advice and guidance on how to change your working positions on a regular basis and provide you with stretching exercises. 

Not only will this focus on work-life ergonomics help you achieve better treatment results, faster procedures, happy well-treated clients – it will also ensure a safe and sound working environment and improve your work satisfaction. You will feel the difference in the short as well as in the long term. Learn more about loupes and ergonomics.

Longer working life 
Working in a bright, high-exposure LED environment means your eyes are vulnerable to harmful UV and blue-violet light. Over time harmful light is one contributing factor of eye diseases like cataracts or age-related macular degeneration (AMD). ExamVision loupes offer the best BlueLight Protection (BLP) and Vision+Lens Protection (VLP) coatings against harmful UV and blue-violet light in both ocular and carrier lenses. Designed to complement ExamVision loupes, our LED loupe light solutions are made to deliver the exact amount of illumination, right where you need it without jeopardising your eyesight. Effective protection keeps the eyes in better condition while offering a more comfortable and relaxed vision. Your eyesight is one of your most valuable assets, click here to learn how we protect it. 

Your perfect loupe from ExamVision 
ExamVision has been awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award four times – in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2019 and again in 2021. These awards underline ExamVision’s commitment to outstanding innovative design. Read more about who we are at ExamVision and our award-winning products.  


Loupes help improve your work position significantly. Longer working distances place greater demand on your vision. Loupes offer the solution. 

Good ergonomics are a crucial prerequisite for a long, enjoyable and healthy working life.

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Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive advice and guidance from your local ExamVision dealer.

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