Custom-crafted loupes
for your unique needs

ExamVision loupes are made by hand with quality components customized to meet your needs. Facial features, prescription, eyesight and ergonomic issues are implemented in the final design and production. All this to give you an outstanding and long-lasting loupe experience.

PowerBand – a new motion sensor-controlled unit

PowerBand is your new long-lasting, motion sensor headlight companion. Neck worn, ultralight and touch-free with an exceptional 12-24 hrs of continuous use.

PowerBand – a new motion sensor-controlled unit

We deliver solutions to professionals for whom precision is paramount

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  • Excellent vision and precision

    Our optics help you achieve the crystal clear image you need for high-quality, precision work.

  • Work satisfaction

    Achieved through better treatment results, faster work and happier, well treated patients.

  • Style and functionality

    Four-times winner of the international product design award - Red Dot Design Award. This means style and great, Danish design for you.

  • Longer working life

    An improved ergonomic position via customised loupes is proven to avoid musculoskeletal problems.

  • Peace of mind

    With a warranty of up to five years on our loupes and unrivalled dealer service support.

  • Customised solution

    Our specialists in optics and ergonomics ensure a solution completely tailored to you.



Check out how ExamVision products can make a huge difference to your working life.

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