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ExamVision offers custom-crafted and personalised dental hygiene loupes for all-day wear. Level-up your professional performance without compromising on comfort and freedom of movement. Letting you experience what crystal-clear magnification and lightweight materials in the highest quality hygiene loupes, can do for your daily work routine as a dental hygienist.

Affordable, light, stylish

A new Essential generation is born!

Affordable, light, stylish

Ergonomic loupes for dental hygienists

Hygienists – it’s time for you to shine! Your work is essential for good oral health, preventive care, examinations and procedures and you're an integral part of any dental practice. It is no secret, that dental hygienists as well as dentists tend to work in crouched, uncomfortable positions that lead to chronic pains in the neck and lower part of back. Unfortunately, the pain and injuries caused by a bad working environment is the most frequent reason for dentists and dental hygienists to leave their job prematurely.  

By applying the same preventive care to your career as you do to your patients, you can support your body and secure a better ergonomic posture, avoiding sustained awkward positions, excessive neck bend and upper body flexion. The solution is optical. Dental work requires precision, and your eyes are your primary instrument. By wearing dental hygienist loupes with quality and light magnification you will not only avoid serious Musco-skeletal problems but also see more clearly and perform better in all oral diagnostics and procedures as a dental hygienist. In other words: don’t miss an inch spotting, diagnosing, treating, and cleaning with dental hygiene loupes magnification.

Custom loupes for dental hygiene 
ExamVision provides dental hygienists loupes designed by optometrists and customised for your individual needs. We will assess your eyesight, your need for magnification as well as the distances, tools, and facilities in your dental clinic. Based on your requirements and our expertise, we will guide you and customise the best dental hygiene loupe solution for you – a solution that is uniquely fitted for your eyes while at the same time facilitating a superior ergonomic position.  

As a dental hygienist you will only have a limited amount of time to treat each patient thoroughly throughout long working days. Wearing magnifying loupes will help you tremendously to work faster and to experience both visual and ergonomic comfort, without lowering your standards. Lightweight materials on your loupe are also key. At ExamVision, our loupes never compromise on ergonomics, lightweight materials and optical quality, the most crucial factors when choosing the best dental loupes for hygienists. 

The best loupe magnification for dental hygiene precision
To perform your best dental hygiene procedures, vision is key, and it is vital to have the perfect optical solution fitted to your loupes and carrier lenses. This is why we always examine your vision, possible need for prescription and working environment as a hygienist before designing your dental hygiene loupes.  

We do however have some general loupes recommendations for dental hygiene professionals. For dental hygiene examinations, preventive care, and other oral procedures a lower loupe magnification from 2.3x to 3.3x will often be sufficient. Lower loupe magnifications have the benefit of a larger range of movement and depth of field than higher magnifications, making them ideal for both entry-level users and all-day wear. Our optical experts will guide you in your choice of ideal loupe magnification from our range of 14 magnifications within five dental loupe systems

Dental hygiene loupes with light 
To further enhance your dental hygiene loupes experience, try the ExamVision loupe light range. A headlight fitted to your dental hygiene loupes will supplement the clinic lighting and allow you to see the tiniest details even more clearly, improving your performance daily. Light is not just light though and choosing the best loupe light for your dental hygiene loupe is nearly as important as choosing the perfect loupe. Your local ExamVision dealer will guide you in choosing the right dental loupe headlight to fit your optical needs and give you a thorough introduction to achieving the best results.  

Optical solutions for your daily loupe routine
To support you and your working day in the best possible way our dental hygiene loupes can be customised to your prescription whether you use Monofocal, Bifocal or Multifocal (progressive) glasses. The prescription can be fitted in both loupe oculars and the carrier lenses in your frame of choice. Age affects your eyesight as well, which is why our loupes can be altered to support continuous changes in your eyesight enabling a long career within dental hygiene. Learn more about our optical solutions.  

No matter the prescription, we only use the best lenses and optics available for our customised dental hygiene loupes. This includes coatings to protect against harmful UV-light, to reduce reflections and make the lenses resistant to scratches and smudges. 

Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive advice and guidance at your ExamVision dealer.

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