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Start your career by not missing a thing while aiding your body with better ergonomics. Train and work in comfort and achieve better effectiveness. Student loupes from ExamVision offer you affordable quality, precision, and ergonomics from the start, customised for your individual needs.

Affordable, light, stylish

A new Essential generation is born!

Affordable, light, stylish

A bright future starts when you are studying. Choose the right first pair of dental and surgical loupes for students

As a student aiming to pursue a long and rewarding career in dentistry you simultaneously need to secure good posture and overall health. For this reason, we would advise you start wearing the right pair of student dental loupes as soon as you can 

Many dentists see themselves forced to leave their jobs prematurely due to the chronic pain and issues caused by working in crouched and uncomfortable positions. Fortunately, a lot can be done to prevent this from happening to your career. By wearing dental student loupes, you can avoid sustained, straining postures, excessive neck bends and upper body flexion. From very early in your career, loupes help you prevent eye strain and more importantly do not weaken or affect your eyes, nor do they cause you to become compromised in any way. 

Dental loupes are not just for older professionals with declining or problematic eyesight, they provide better visibility for even the young and falcon-eyed.Using magnification will not damage your eyesight or cause visual dependency, quite the contrary: using dental loupes as a student will let you work more efficiently and with improved precision as you prepare to start your career. The use of student dental loupes assists you in the early learning of the anatomy of the mouth and teeth's structure, which will contribute for you to gaining confidence when treating real patients.   

Loupes are for medical and surgical students too 
Loupes are not just for dental students but can help increase effectiveness, precision, and ergonomics for medical and surgical students too. One of the main benefits working with surgical loupes for students is an immediate improvement in posture. Without surgical loupes, students and seasoned professionals alike tend to work in crouched, uncomfortable positions that will lead to chronic lower back and neck pain. Using magnification will also give you a clearer view and better insights when in training and when performing in medical examinations and surgical procedures. Modern operating techniques require precision, and the eyes are the primary instruments delivering information to the brain. That requires optimal vision. Let our team of highly trained specialists guide you in your choice of the best student loupe solution tailored to your individual medical or surgical needs. 

Student loupes headlights 
To benefit best from your student loupes consider adding a loupe headlight to your daily routine. ExamVision provides a range of lights for dental loupes and LED surgical headlights, and we will arrange an introduction to help you choose the best student loupes and light solution. We will guide you on how to protect your eyes from harmful light, choose the right level of illumination and intensity, and how to easily attach your light to your student loupes and adjust it perfectly. You can read more about our different loupe light on our Light page 

Choose the right loupe magnification for your student needs 
ExamVision offers a range of 14 magnifications within five loupes systems. Having the right magnification and an excellent field of view elevates your performance to the highest level and will help you perform better in all training, examinations, and procedures. Our optical experts will assess your eyesight, possible prescription, physical working environment and individual needs before customising a student loupe solution for you. We do however have some general recommendations regarding choice of magnification though, that might be helpful:  

Lower loupe magnifications from 2.3x to 3.3x are often sufficient for general dentistry, diagnostics, extractions, implants, orthodontics etc. Dental students rarely need magnifications above 3.3x in their loupes. This is also partly due to the fact, that most students are under the age of 40. The same applies for medical and surgical student loupes. With the recommendation of a lower loupe magnification, you will get surgical student loupes ideal for medical applications and standard surgical procedures that require freedom of movement, a large field of view and excellent depth of field.  

Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive advice and guidance at your ExamVision dealer.

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