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Jewellers, electronics manufacturers, veterinarians and other professionals who require crystal-clear clarity and sharp vision can level up their performance with a pair of custom-crafted binocular loupes. ExamVision customised magnification loupes offer optimal magnification, maximised sharpness and unmatched freedom of movement.

Customised magnification loupes for individual needs

A variety of procedures require the use of superior optics and tools to facilitate freedom of movement, good posture and correct ergonomics throughout your working day. Commonly associated with dentists and medical professionals, ExamVision magnification loupes are also superior precision instruments for anyone who in their work can benefit from exceptional clarity and vision, combined with excellent ergonomics. Click here to learn more about ergonomics.

When choosing ExamVision as your binocular loupe supplier you will be joining the many professionals across the globe who enjoy the benefits of high-end, customised magnification loupes. Optometrists design and manufacture ExamVision loupes, which are made to measure in Denmark and uniquely fitted for your eyes by optical specialists. We provide a wide selection of magnification loupes with a broad range of magnification choices, including our Kepler Advanced with a unique 4 in 1 adjustable magnification. 

Our LED loupes light and accessories will further enhance your optical experience. Based on your needs and our expertise, we will guide you and customise the perfect loupe solution for you. See our wide range of magnifications.

Lenses and vision
To support you and your working day in the best possible way, we offer Monofocal carrier lenses, as well as Multifocal carrier lenses (also known as varifocal or progressive lenses). It is also possible to customise the lenses in the magnifying loupe oculars to match your prescription and achieve an optical solution tailored 100% to you.

No matter the prescription, we only use the best lenses and optics available. This include coatings to protect against harmful UV-light, to reduce reflections and make the lenses resistant to scratches and smudges. Click here to learn more about our optical solutions.

Profession, magnification and ergonomics are mutually dependent 
One of the main benefits of working with magnification loupes is an immediate improvement in posture. Many professions require a high level of precision and the eyes are the primary instruments that deliver information to the brain. Without magnifying loupes, users tend to work in crouched, uncomfortable positions to see better and this will often lead to chronic lower back and neck pain. A bad work environment can cause pain and injury and force you to leave your chosen career path early. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way. The solution is optical. With magnifying ergonomic loupes, you will be able to see your precision work from a good and upright working position sparing your body in the process.  

Our team of experts can guide you in all these aspects of achieving a good and lasting working posture, whatever purpose you would have with your magnification loupe. This helps you in achieving an optimal, ergonomic posture and safety not to mention greater work-satisfaction. At the end of the day, this will achieve better and faster results. 

You will of course also be guided by our team of optometrists and highly trained specialists in order to select the perfect ergonomic and optical magnification loupe solution tailored exactly to you. They will listen to your most pressing needs, ask relevant questions and offer you an ideal magnification solution, making sure that your loupes are uniquely fitted to you and that they facilitate a superior ergonomic position all day. All magnifying loupes from ExamVision are customised to the individual user. Each solution is based on individual eyesight, need for magnification as well as physical working environment such as distance and tools and facilities available.

Choosing the right magnification for your professional needs 
A crucial prerequisite for performing precision work is vision. Of course, eyesight and age are important elements in this. Having the right optical solution, using prescription in both carrier lenses and loupe oculars is vital in order to have a clear vision. 

Having the right magnification helps you to perform optimal procedures. The exact choice of magnification is highly depending on the type of work you perform. In general, we recommend the following magnifications within other professions than dental and surgical: 

With 2.3x to 3.3x magnification you will get custom-crafted magnification loupes being ideal for a variety of applications and standard procedures that require a large field of view and excellent depth of field. 

For more advanced, detailed and complicated procedures working with micro-elements and tiny objects, you will generally need loupes with higher magnification from 3.5x up to near-microscopic magnification like 6.4x. 

By contacting your local ExamVision dealer you can try out our magnifying loupes for yourself and receive complimentary advice and guidance on vision, optics, LED loupes light, protection, and ergonomics. 

Age affects your eyesight 
People under 40 years of age very often have good eyesight, and the eyes are able to adjust to changes quite quickly. If the eyesight isn’t flawless, lenses in both the frame and the loupes can be customised with the right prescription to compensate as they would be in your regular glasses. Even if you have perfect eyesight, the right customised loupes will be a great benefit for your work and can enhance your visual accuracy and ability to see minute details. 

From the age of about 40, our eyes gradually lose their ability to accommodate and focus up close. This makes custom made loupes an even better investment. Our magnifying loupes will enforce your actual eyesight but can also be altered to continuous changes. We know how important impeccable vision is to extraordinary craftsmanship! 

Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive advice and guidance from your local ExamVision dealer.

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