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ExamVision specialises in optics and optical solutions. We recognise the needs of the individual user and our aim is to improve your vision and ergonomic posture by finding the perfect custom-tailored loupe solution for you.

Optical Specialists

ExamVision specialises in optics and optical solutions. We are proud to offer the most customisable loupes on the market, built from only the finest components and with a wide range of magnifications. Our ExamVision specialists can take your unique measurements at your place of work. Your loupes and magnification of choice will then be made to measure by optometrists in Denmark. All our products are the result of a perfect synergy between technology and handcraft. We produce and assemble each loupe based on individual measurements. They then undergo a rigorous quality control process before leaving the factory. 

The most customisable loupes on the market

ExamVision provides you with unrivalled optical performance. ExamVision loupes include built-in benchmark features for eye protection, smudge resistance and reflection elimination. Your consultation with your specialist ExamVision dealer is an opportunity to achieve the best possible optical solution for your loupes, both in the oculars and in the carrier lenses made to measure by optometrists in Denmark. 

High-quality work depends on optimised vision

The specially designed ExamVision frames allow any prescription in the loupe and in the carrier lenses, to ensure a perfect optical result for your working environment. Your ExamVision loupes are also future proof for prescription changes. All loupes are produced with world-class optics that incorporate only the finest anti-reflective features, protective coatings and filters, and the oculars also come with built-in chromatic aberration (colour-separation) prevention as standard.

Ultimate optical solutions

Carrier lens solutions - 100% customised.

Monofocal carrier lenses

Also called Single Vision lenses, which correct for only one distance. If they correct for far distance, the user’s eyes must accommodate to see clearly up close. For young eyes (under 40) this is easy, but the ability to accommodate declines with age and some may need an adjusted correction for near/intermediate distances, or alternatively use a bifocal or multifocal lens.

OPTICS Solution Mono 02

Bifocal Straight line lenses

Bifocals have two prescriptions, one for distance at the top and one for near or intermediate vision below. The traditional bifocal straight line is a lens with a visible dividing line. This is a conventional solution for presbyopic needs (i.e. when you need reading glasses).

Bifocal Straight line lenses are not available for the Sport v2 frame.

OPTICS Solution Straight 02

Multifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses (also called progressive lenses) combine multiple optical powers in the same lens, without any visible lines. With multifocal lenses, you can do away with swapping your glasses each time you change from one distance to another. It can take a little time for your eyes to adjust to multifocals – therefore this is normally recommended for the experienced multifocal user.

OPTICS Solution Multi 02

Protective coatings and filters

ExamVision offers you world class optics with the finest anti-reflective, protective coatings built into the carrier lenses. They provide you with a lightweight, high-quality loupe which is more scratch-resistant and has increased light transmission to protect and improve your vision. Effective, protective coatings offer you and your eyes protection against harmful UV and Blue light.

Hi-index lenses

Hi-index lenses are lighter and thinner than ordinary lenses. They provide a more elegant looking loupe far more comfortable to wear. 

ExamVision uses Hi-index lenses as standard in HD Galilean and Kepler loupes. 


Vision+Lens Protection (VLP) coatings

VLP is an enhanced coating that provides much greater scratch resistance than basic and standard coatings. Built-in anti-reflection provides greater comfort and sharpness of vision and filters 99% of harmful ultra-violet light. It also repels dust and smudges, reducing the amount of cleaning necessary.

ExamVision uses VLP coated lenses as standard for all loupe systems.

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Extra protection against Blue-Violet light

Protect yourself. High quality work depends on healthy eyes.

BlueLight Protection (BLP & EPS)

Working in a bright, high-exposure LED environment means your eyes are vulnerable to harmful UV and Blue-Violet light. The Blue-Violet light is a more visual light than the Ultra-Violet (UV) light, in the band of 400-455 nm in the light spectrum (see illustration). This harmful light isn't covered by the VLP coatings. Over time harmful light is a contributing factor of eye diseases like cataracts or age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 

As an optional add-on ExamVision loupes are covered by the best BlueLight Protection (BLP), which provides protection, three times more effective than standard prescription lenses, against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light in both ocular and carrier lenses. 

The Blue-Light protection in your oculars, consists of the Eye Protect System (EPS), from Essilor. The effective EPS filter can be added to loupe oculars, to reduce harmful Blue-Violet light (see illustration to the right)). EPS maintains aesthetic clarity without changing your colour perception. 

The bottom line is clear. Effective protection keeps the eyes in better condition while offering a more comfortable and relaxed vision. So, ExamVision recommends that loupe users who spend long periods in LED environments use BlueLight Protection (BLP). In fact, that applies to all general clinic lighting above a colour temperature of 4,500 Kelvin (blue-white coloured light). 


Your eyes are one of your most valuable assets

One or more of these factors can put you at risk of developing eye diseases:

  • Long working hours in a high exposure LED environment
  • Being over 45 years of age
  • Genetic disposition to AMD
  • Early signs of AMD

BlueLight Protection (BLP) is included as a non-anti-reflective coating, a filter or embedded within the lenses.

NOTE: BlueLight Protection (BLP) is NOT sufficient to protect your eyes when using a UV curing light.

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