Kepler Reflekt

Your vision is our mission. The new Kepler Reflekt offers superior ergonomics and comprehensive peripheral vision. Experience full unblocked vision, a natural, comfortably relaxed ergonomic posture and an optimised depth of field with fine focus that allows freedom of movement.

Available in magnification:

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Kepler Reflekt ergo loupes by ExamVision

Kepler Reflekt 4.0x is the first reflective ergo loupe by ExamVision and has been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2024. The slender black loupe housing is made from durable yet lightweight magnesium and titanium. Unique to its streamlined design in incomparable quality is the unmatched peripheral vision offering full, unobstructed visibility of your surroundings. Conventional refractive loupes are centrally positioned in the carrier glasses, obstructing your view over the loupe, whereas our innovative approach allows them to be placed low, just like your familiar Galilean or prismatic direct-vision loupes places. This innovative design gives dental and medical professionals the freedom to see and interact with patients, locate tools, examine x-rays, or engage in communication with colleagues, all without the need to remove the ergo loupes. 

Moreover, the Kepler Reflekt ergo loupe is personalised to your measurements in terms of prescription, angulation, and all your other individual features to ensure impeccable sharpness of vision, while maintaining a comfortable, upright working position. Featuring the same unique fine-focus option as our other Kepler loupes, Kepler Reflekt demonstrates our complete commitment to customisation by allowing each ocular to be set perfectly to the individual sight of each eye. 

With its 4.0x magnification ExamVision Kepler Reflekt ergonomic loupe is suitable for prolonged use and complex procedures. With user comfort as a design priority, Kepler Reflekt has been developed to be the lightest reflective loupe on the market, enhancing comfort during extended sessions and minimising the risk of fatigue or muscle strain. 

Developments in recent years have pointed towards a renewed interest in ergo loupes, shorthand for ergonomic dental loupes, also known as reflective or refractive loupes. Many dental and medical professionals spend their working day bending over patients, in order to get a good view of the focus area. Ergo loupes allow the practitioner to maintain a much more upright posture by using prisms to move the image, essentially in the same way a periscope creates an image.  

At ExamVision we were, truth be told, initially hesitant to develop refractive loupes of our own. As mentioned, this type of ergonomic dental loupe often obscures most of the peripheral vision, because of the prism mounted in the loupe housing. Allowing clear, unhindered vision above the ergo loupe was mandatory for ExamVision in the development of the Kepler Reflekt - and we allowed no compromises on this. Another vital factor in developing the perfect ergo loupes was allowing for customisable declination. All facial features, ergonomics and visual needs are different, and each loupe needs to be truly customised to the user to allow for a natural neck bend and relaxed neutral body position. With the Kepler Reflekt, we believe we have perfected ergo loupe technology, complementing our existing range seamlessly. 

Ergo loupes can take a while to get used to, because moving the image means your hand-eye coordination becomes ‘indirect’. Initially, because your eyes are looking straight ahead, you may experience that moving your hand, oran instrument into the magnified area, will make you feel as if it appears in your vision from nowhere. With practice, you will quickly become accustomed to this. Your ExamVision dealer will be able to share some good tips to help you. 

It's worth noting that individual preferences may vary, and doctors and dentists may find other loupes suitable for their needs. Our optical experts can assist in determining whether the Kepler Reflekt ergo loupe would be the ideal choice for your practice or if your optimal declination and posture can be obtained with another ExamVision loupe within our range. In general, a well-fitted, personalised loupe can contribute to increased efficiency and productivity in dental and medical procedures by providing a clear and magnified view of the treatment area. This can lead to a more streamlined workflow and improved patient outcomes. 

Your vision is our mission

The world’s lightest reflective loupe. With 4.0x magnification for all day wear and detailed procedures.

Kepler Reflekt front

Comfortable, relaxed ergonomics

Find your most comfortable, relaxed position and we tailor-make your Kepler Reflekt to work for you.

Unmatched peripheral vision

No need to remove loupes during procedures to look elsewhere.

Lightweight and robust

Titanium and magnesium casing make for durable and light oculars.

Adjustable declination

Customised, precise declination to suit your desired working position.

Fine-adjustable focus

Adjustable fine-focus on each ocular allows you to achieve a perfectly focused image on both eyes.

Kepler Reflekt back

High quality lenses

Hi-index multi-layer lenses: Lighter, thinner and more impact-resistant. No reflections or colour separation.

LED lights

Compatible with our high-end Total LED lights.

BlueLight Protection (BLP)

An optimal eye protection, available in both ocular and carrier, which safeguards your eyes from harmful UV and blue-violet light.

Prismatic system

Unique integrated Kepler prismatic system for sharp image quality.

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  • Kepler Reflekt is ideal for

    Intricate procedures and all-day wear, also general procedures and diagnoses, where a steep angle of declination suits your ergonomic needs. Additionally, intricate procedures that require high magnification, while providing the right depth of field for optimised ergonomics.  

  • Kepler optics for a crystal-clear image

    Kepler Reflekt offers a wide field of view, while maintaining a crisp, crystal-clear image from edge to edge.

  • Rebuild or modify

    For prescription changes in eyesight and for changes in your working distance or working angle, ExamVision offers a loupe which is rebuildable. If you one day want to upgrade to a new ExamVision loupe, your current loupe can always be rebuilt to fit another person. 

  • LED Lights

    Get the most out of your loupes and supplement your clinic lighting with bright, white, shadow-free light, illuminating your field of view. The Total LED is attached by a unique coaxial extend system and maintains the light in a stable manner. Explore the Total LED

  • Build-in your prescription, with monofocal or multifocal solutions

    Our carrier lens solutions (the lenses around the ocular, or telescope) are 100% customised. Achieve the best possible optical solution for your loupes, both in the oculars and in the carrier lenses. ExamVision specialises in optics and optical solutions. We recognise the needs of the individual user, and our aim is to improve your vision and ergonomic posture by finding the perfect solution for you. Read more about Optics and safety.

  • Frames

    The Kepler Reflekt loupe can be mixed and matched with all frames from the ExamVision frame range. ExamVision frames are lightweight, made from high-end materials and most importantly, they offer an exceptional balance, are durable, stable and don't deform.

    Explore the ExamVision Frames.

  • Protective screen, side, small or full face

    Sideshields: Almost invisible, featherlight side-shields protect the eyes from splashes and debris. Visionshield: Protective screen, small or full face. Protects the loupes and your face from splashes and dirt. Explore more about the ExamVision accessories.  

  • Hardened carrier lenses as standard

    The carrier lenses are upgraded with anti-reflective and superior scratch-resistant coatings and with high abrasion resistance.

  • Improved coating and filters in both carriers and oculars

    With your Kepler Reflekt loupe, you get an improved coating that is much more scratch-resistant than basic and standard coatings. Built-in anti-reflection provides greater comfort and sharpness of vision and filters 99% of harmful ultra-violet light. It also repels dust and smudges, reducing the amount of cleaning necessary.   

  • Vision+Lens Protection (VLP)

    An improved coating that is much more scratch-resistant than basic and standard coatings. Built-in anti-reflection provides greater comfort and sharpness of vision and filters 99% of harmful ultra-violet light. It also repels dust and smudges, reducing the amount of cleaning necessary.

  • Comprehensive warranty

    Kepler Reflekt loupes are covered by a 5-year warranty, which gives you peace of mind. (Soft parts such as nose pads and temple tips are not covered, as these are treated as ‘consumable’ parts and need to be replaced as they wear).

    Read more about the ExamVision warranty.

Light where you need it

We recommend adding a light to your Kepler Reflekt to enhance your visual experience.

Kepler Reflekt is compatible with our Total LED thanks to the coaxial connecter giving the right angle to allow you to work with illumination exactly where you need it.

Male dentist wearing ergo loupe Kepler Reflekt together with Total LED loupe light

Superior ergonomics & peripheral vision

Accessories and options

ExamVision provides a range of products which complement and complete your loupes.

Check out the wide range of high-quality accessories and tailor your loupes even more to your specific needs - for optimal usage and security.

happy female dentist wears Visionshiled to protect the Dental loupes Galilean HD with dental light mounted on loupes

Try out ExamVision loupes for yourself and receive advice and guidance from your local ExamVision dealer.

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