Kepler Advanced

Feel mastery, wear power. Get the perfect magnification level for all your procedures with only one loupe. The world´s lightest adjustable loupe and the only loupe with 4 magnifications, for unrivalled versatility.

4 magnifications in just 1 loupe:
3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x, 6.4x

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Build your dream loupe in 4 easy steps and see our TWO NEW frames and coloured oculars!

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Two Dentists react to Kepler Advanced

In May 2023 we had the pleasure of hosting Ali and Zoh from Two Dentists at our Samsø Headquarters, so Dr. Zoh could receive his personalised Kepler Advanced.

Alongside their full-time London dental careers, Two Dentists have created a YouTube channel with almost 17,000 subscribers, where they post a lot of videos and shorts, testing various dental equipment and covering dental subjects in general.

Watch from 10min 24sec to see what Zoh thought about his loupes - better yet, watch the whole video.

Highest adjustable magnification on the market

Kepler Advanced - awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2019 – is the groundbreaking new adjustable loupe, arriving on the market as the world’s only loupe with 4 magnifications in 1 (3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x and 6.4x).

With Kepler Advanced, you can switch between all four magnifications with ease and speed thanks to its Turn’N’Click system. This versatility ensures that whatever your procedure type, Kepler Advanced provides perfect precision. From diagnostics to near-microscopic magnification. With Kepler Advanced you achieve perfect sharpness of vision, while maintaining a comfortable, ergonomic position.

Advanced optical technology for all your magnification needs.
Kepler Advanced is specifically designed for experts users within the dental and medical sectors who want to upgrade to a more powerful, high-end loupe. It is intricately handmade with exclusive loupe technology and sophisticated materials. 

At ExamVision we explore and master optical technologies to offer you superior solutions. Five Red Dot Design Awards are testament to this commitment to excellence. Our loupes are 100% custom-tailored for all your work and vision demands. 

Enjoy the benefits that make Kepler Advanced rise above the adjustable magnification loupe market.

Excellent vision and precision

Up to 6.4x magnification, for enhanced precision and ergonomics. The world's lightest adjustable loupe 3.6x, 4.5x, 5.5x, 6.4x.

KA front

Turn'N'Click system

4 magnifications in 1 loupe, with easy adjustment system.


Kepler Advanced is at just 75.5 grams more than 20 grams lighter than other comparable loupes, for ultimate comfort and all-day wear.

Adjustable declination

Personalised declination angle up to 40º for optimised posture and tailored working distance from 32 cm to 65 cm to meet your ergonomic and vision precision needs.

Wide and crystal clear

Impressive field of view and depth of field that covers the entire area seen through the lens.

Very durable ocular casing

Strong high end titanium housing and carbon fibre reinforced composite. Stylish and hardwearing.

KA zoomed

High quality lenses

Hi-index multi-layer lenses: Lighter, thinner and more impact-resistant. No reflections and no colour separation.

BlueLight Protection (BLP)

An optimal eye protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful UV and Blue-Violet light.

Non-reflection housing

Get a relaxed and crystal-clear image without any disturbing reflections.

Prismatic system

Unique advanced incorporated Kepler system.

LED lights

Compatible with a range of LED lights. Slides smoothly on and off, and maintains the light in a stable manner.

Fine-adjustable focus

Fine-adjustable focus on each ocular allows you to achieve a perfectly focused image.

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  • Kepler Advanced is ideal for:

    3.6x - All-day use for general procedures and diagnoses.

    4.5x & 5.5x - Intricate procedures that require high magnification, while providing the right depth of field for optimised ergonomics.

    6.4x - Near-microscopic magnification with the freedom and comfort of a non-static position.

  • Advanced Kepler optics with a combination of lenses and prism

    Achieve unrivalled precision from low to high magnification and maintain complete freedom of movement with exceptional depth of field.

  • Rebuild or modify

    For prescription changes in eyesight and for changes in your working distance or working angle, ExamVision offers a loupe which is rebuildable.

    If you one day want to upgrade to a new ExamVision loupe, your current loupe can always be rebuilt to fit another person. 

  • LED Lights

    Get the most out of your loupes and supplement your clinic lighting with bright, white, shadow-free light, illuminating your field of view. 

    The loupe light is attached by a connection system and maintains the light in a stable manner.

    Explore the ExamVision LED lights.

  • Build-in your monofocal or multifocal needs

    Carrier lens solution - 100% customised.

    Achieve the best possible optical solution for your loupes, both in the oculars and in the carrier lenses.

    ExamVision specialises in optics and optical solutions. We recognize the needs of the individual user and our aim is to improve your vision and ergonomic posture by finding the perfect solution for you.

    Read more about Optics and safety

  • Protective screen, side, small or full face

    Sideshields: Almost invisible, featherlight side-shields protect the eyes from splashes and debris. 

    Visionshield: Protective screen, small or full face. Protects the loupes and your face from splashes and dirt.

    Explore more about the ExamVision accessories

  • Frames

    ExamVision frames are lightweight, made from high-end materials and most importantly, they offer an exceptional balance, are durable, stable and they won't deform.

    Explore the ExamVision Frames.

  • Prisma Lens System

    The Prisma Lens System can help you achieve a better ergonomic working posture. The prism in the loupe refracts light, making an image appear higher than it really is. This can be beneficial for very tall people or those who suffer from serious neck and back problems. However, the prism disperses the light thereby decreasing the optical quality/clarity slightly. Therefore the Prisma Lens System does not come as standard in ExamVision loupes. We strive for perfection, and will only recommend Prisma Lens System to those who will benefit from it.

  • Hardened carrier lenses as standard

    The carrier lenses are upgraded with anti-reflective and superior scratch-resistant coatings and with high abrasion resistance.

  • Improved coating and filters in both carriers and oculars

    With your Kepler Advanced loupe, you get an improved coating that is much more scratch-resistant than basic and standard coatings. Built-in anti-reflection provides greater comfort and sharpness of vision and filters 99% of harmful ultra-violet light. It also repels dust and smudges, reducing the amount of cleaning necessary. 

  • Vision+Lens Protection (VLP)

    An improved coating that is much more scratch-resistant than basic and standard coatings. Built-in anti-reflection provides greater comfort and sharpness of vision and filters 99% of harmful ultra-violet light. It also repels dust and smudges, reducing the amount of cleaning necessary.

  • Comprehensive warranty

    Kepler Advanced loupes are covered by a 5-year warranty, which gives you peace of mind. (Soft parts such as nose pads and temple tips are not covered, as these are treated as ‘consumable’ parts and need to be replaced as they wear.) 

    Read more about the ExamVision Warranty.

The perfect combination of performance and design

Accessories and options

ExamVision provides a range of products which complement and complete your loupes.

Check out the wide range of high-quality accessories and tailor your loupes even more to your specific needs - for optimal usage and security.

happy female dentist wears Visionshiled to protect the dental loupes Galilean HD with dental light mounted on loupes


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