Essential Nano

Essential Nano is an ultra-compact LED light, delivering natural white light exactly where you need it.

Ultra-compact design, weighing only 9 grams 
Natural white light

Ultra-compact design

Essential Nano is an ultra-compact LED light, delivering natural white light exactly where you need it. Weighing only 9 grams, and featuring the elegant Connect mounting system – where the light can be locked to the loupe, or easily removed.

ultra compact dental headlight Essential Nano attached to loupes

Natural white light

  • Natural white light ≤6,500 Kelvin
  • Light intensity 27,400 lux at 35 cm
  • Light spot, 80 mm at 35 cm
  • Brightness settings go in high, medium and low
  • Lamp weight only 9 gm
  • Up to 12 hours operating time


Focus™ Xtend Control Unit

ExamVision’s range of lights is specially designed to give you the illumination you need and prefer. The Focus™ Xtend control unit is operated by pressing the front panel, with your hand or elbow. A short press will activate the unit, and further clicks will cycle the unit through low, medium and high settings. Focus™ Xtend gives you approx. 6 to 24 hours operating time depending on chosen light intensity‌.

Flicker-free video
Artificial lighting appears continuous to our eyes, but it illuminates using high-frequency pulses of light. Flickering occurs on video when the frame rate captures different levels of light. Exam-vision lights have been engineered to keep the level of illumination constant, so the end result will always be clear, flicker-free video.

LIGHTS Xtend Unit 01

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