01/03 - 2023

A new Essential
is born!

The new Essential Metro frame and new Galilean Essential oculars are here as we renew our ExamVision Essential range. With this brand-new and improved Essential, we offer a lighter, clearer, and more affordable loupe with a sustainable touch perfect for hygienist, students, and other first time loupe users. 

The stainless-steel Essential Metro frame design is a timeless, unisex style that comes in 3 gorgeous matte colours fitting perfectly with stylish new dark grey Galilean Essential oculars. The new Galilean Essential oculars are shorter and lighter than our previous Essential oculars, with improved optical quality and a subtle grey matte texture. They are also more sustainable as they are made of Ingeo™ Biopolymer. 

Galilean Essential
2023 02 Metro Green Woman 0241 Low