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    Alia Beglova, dentist, specialist in aesthetic dentistry
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    DentOptics, Russian Federation

Binocular optics is not a luxury item, but a necessity

The new loupes look gorgeous, right? They are the best investment in my profession and they allow me to increase the quality of my work.

ExamVision is a Danish brand of the highest-class magnifying loupes, made according to individual parameters. This means that using them helps not only to relieve tension from the eyes, but also to improve your work position. With loupes I can see that which is inaccessible to the naked eye; now my back is not "dying" by the end of the working day, and the patients get the perfect smile of their dreams. A smile, which can be examined under magnification with no complaints to follow.

In our advanced age, magnifying loupes are not a luxury item, but a necessity. After all, given the smallest details, we can achieve better results!

Thank you, ExamVision, you are the best in your field.

Alia Beglova, dentist, specialist in aesthetic dentistry
Dental clinic "Alstom", Ufa.

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