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With loupes, I see things that I couldn’t see before

"I'm a strong supporter of the view that it's better not trying to save money when it comes to your health. This is what I urge my patients to do. Therefore, when choosing loupe magnifiers, I decided to adhere to the same principle.

I have an issue with my vision, so I decided that if I were to choose loupes, they should be individually fitted and with high-quality glasses so that neither my eyes nor the quality of my work would suffer.

I chose the brand, which, according to most colleagues, is the best on the market for magnifying loupes - ExamVision.

It is important for me to see the bigger picture when doing preparations, so I do not always use optics. I put on loupes whenever I need to do micro-corrections.

Optics help when there is minimal bleeding during preparation, when you need to see the structure of the tooth tissue - where the filling begins, where it ends, if there's any tooth decay or any kind of filling defect. There are procedures that you can’t do adequately without magnification: the formation of a ledge, the quality control of a mold, polishing.

It is very important that there's proper lighting. It allows you to see more. ExamVision has excellent lights that provide a bright, uniform spot with the right temperature and no colour distortion.

Rough processing can be done without loupes. But it would still be rough processing. Even if it seems to you that everything is perfect, when you put on loupes, you can tell that there is still a lot of work to be done. Once a patient came to me to change a temporary construction to a permanent one. I put on loupes and I couldn’t believe that I had done all this work previously. I saw things that I wasn't able to see before without loupes – that was a moment for me to remember! For the next two hours I brought everything in perfect order, so that I could take casts, scan and make crowns.

It’s impossible to say that I couldn’t do without loupes, as I try not to get too attached to any tool in my work. But when I put on loupes, I do see things that I couldn’t see without them."

Georgy Tabeshadze, orthopedic dentist
Head doctor of DSstudio Digital Dentistry.

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