Super light and perfect
for all day wear!

  • Client
    Dr. Marie-Nadine Laborde, Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon
  • Products
  • Dealer
    Odentik, France

Super light and perfect for all day wear!

"From now on there is no shadow zone either for mammary specimens, mitral, intra-VG, even for saphenous specimens (it still happens to me) without scialytic, bi-lung grafts.

As for wearing the Examvision loupes, they are super light, with only a tiny mark on nose after several hours of use.

The battery just need recharge at the end of the week, which is sufficient for me.

Last but not least, total freedom of movement and with the possibility of displacement without constraint.

In one word, Brilliant. Thanks to the designers"!

Dr. Marie-Nadine Laborde
Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, CHU Hospital of Bordeaux

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