Improving my work and
protecting my eyesight

Wearing loupes have helped my work and eyesight!

"I’ve been working as a dentist for over 50 years. I realized very early that working in the oral cavity is too small an operating field to be able to work without magnification. Initially, they were magnifying glasses, because loupes were not available. Later, when loupes appeared on the market, it was a "revolution" in dentistry for me.

I have tested many loupes from different manufacturers, each had their advantages and disadvantages, but only the loupes from ExamVision turned out to be the ones I was waiting for. From among many loupes, at the fair in Cologne I chose these ones, which I recommended for sale in Poland.

I want to emphasize that after working for so many years with loupes I have managed to spare and protect my eyes from damage. I have no sight defect to this day; I don’t have to wear reading glasses and I don’t wear any on a daily basis. Of course, I have also been using the microscope for many years, but I use it less and less often because ExamVision loupes are adapted to my anatomy and they are sufficient for many procedures for which I used the microscope before.

In my opinion, these loupes are sufficient in 80% of cases to perform very precise work and in endodontics. In my opinion, the increasingly newer solutions in ExamVision loupes will make it possible to eliminate the microscope even more in many situations where it is still necessary".

Professor Jerzy Krupinski DDS, PhD
Specialist in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Private Practice and Dental Education Course Centre, Cracow

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