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    Piotr Skrzyszewski
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    GETWELL, Poland

When it comes to quality, magnification and comfort of use Kepler Advanced is the best solution for me

I have been carrying out all dental procedures since 2002 with magnification, using either dental loupes or a microscope. I mainly deal with endodontics and prosthetics. Dental ergonomics is my passion.

A microscope provides an ideal picture of the procedure field, but has its disadvantages, primarily in terms of the size of this device, ergonomics and the limitation of changing its position. By instead using loupes from different manufacturers and with different designs, I’ve been looking for the best solution for myself in terms of quality, magnification and comfort of use.

I have been working with ExamVision loupes for 8 years. For several months now I’ve been working with ExamVision Kepler Advanced loupes, which I rate the highest of all those that I’ve had the opportunity to use in my work.

The manufacturing quality is perfect: They are very light, durable and stable, while the high-quality lenses and an additional, strong, adjustable light source ensure a clear and very bright picture of the procedure field. The magnification-change system works very precisely. It’s easy to use and allows you to quickly adjust the size of the magnification depending on the needs and type of procedure.

Thanks to the use of these loupes, many procedures, especially in the field of conservative dentistry and prosthetics, for which I used to use a microscope, can now be performed with loupes. This provides me with a much-improved comfort of work.

Piotr Skrzyszewski, DDS

Private Practice, Dzierzoniow
Specialist in endodontics and prosthetics

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