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    Teresa Szupiany-Janeczek, DDS, PhD
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    GETWELL, Poland

With ExamVision loupes there is no need for any kind of compromise

"First thing I did after graduating University almost 10 years ago was getting myself the loupes. Since then I never stopped using magnification for every clinical procedure.

Quality, ergonomic and safety are, for me, the most important requirement for dental equipment. With ExamVision loupes there is no need for any kind of compromise. My favorite aspects of the loupes are brightness and sharpness of the image … and knowing that lenses, angles and everything is adjusted to my anatomy. Even final correction of the focus is possible for each eye separately. Only recently I discovered True Light. This light allows me to have natural light source without making most of the materials to set faster and the need for an orange filter. My loupes provide me with comfort, even after many hours of work and I consider 3.5 magnification to be the most universal."

Teresa Szupiany-Janeczek, DDS, PhD

Specialist in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Assistant Professor at Jagiellonian University Medical College

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