Kepler Advanced -
The best loupes
I’ve ever used

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    Dr William Bongiorno
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    Synca, Canada

Kepler Advanced from ExamVision … the best loupes I’ve ever used

"I have the ExamVision Kepler Advanced loupes, I really like the fact that they are individually focusable, this is a huge ergonomic benefit as the loupes adjust to me, instead of I adjusting to the loupes.  The hi power magnification of 6.4x is extremely useful for root canal therapy.

The quality of the optics, lenses  and frames are much better than some of the other companies I've used.  I have about 5 or 6 pairs now and they all have disadvantages, but the Kepler Advanced loupes are the first where I haven't really found any problems or disadvantages with them.  Really the best loupes I’ve ever used and I have tried all the top brands on the market. Thank you Synca/ExamVision for such a great product and great service. I give these a 5-star rating and highly recommend them."

Dr William Bongiorno

New York, USA

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