My loupes give me many possibilities

Today I cannot imagine working without magnification!

"I've been working with loupes for 20 years – and today I cannot imagine working without magnification. For many years I tried various loupes and different magnifications. It was only two years ago that I realized that with magnification dental work can be done with great comfort and without eye fatigue even after many hours of work ... all thanks to ExamVision loupes.
In addition, I have several types of magnification to choose from with the same Kepler Advanced loupe, as well as several types of lighting, which definitely helps me work with composites.

When I apply composite resin, I use an orange filter thanks to which I don’t accelerate composite polymerization. When I finish the preparation for veneers or inlays/onlays, I need the largest magnification and light of the highest intensity.

My loupes give me many possibilities of magnification and lighting depending on the procedure, which is very important for the quality and comfort of my work!"

Maciej Zarow DDS, Ph.D. 

Private Practice and Dental Education Course Centre, Cracow
Specialist in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Honorary Member of Style Italiano
Certified Member of European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry

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